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Tree of Life



Over the years of writing fan fiction I have amassed a number of links that I find extremely useful and/or entertaining.

I want to share them with others. Here they are.

ONLINE DICTIONARIES AND THESAURI (Sorted by usefulness top to bottom) ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND IDIOM COLLECTIONS FANTASY WRITING STYLE, BAD CLICHES AND HUMOR (Turkey City Lexicon, Shakespearean Insults, etc) Basic Faerun Lore, Elven Lore, Vampire Lore, Elven and Drow Tongues, Maps, etc

1. Dictionary.com - best of the best by Lexico.

2. Thesaurus.com - twin site

3. Aiksaurus - based on the Moby Thesaurus List, a public domain file provided by Project Gutenberg

4. Dictionary from die.net

5. Hyperdictionary

6. Visual Thesaurus by Plumb Design

7. Merriam-Webster

1. Guide to Grammar and Writing and Principles of Composition

2. OWL - Purdue's University Writing Lab

3. Bartleby.com - has links to 'Elements of Style, Roget's etc

4. The Idiom Connection

5. Wayne Magnuson English Idioms

6. Rhymezone - rhyming dictionary and quotations database

7. Names and their meanings - a strange link perhaps, but useful to name your new fantasy character in a sensible way

8. Project Gutenberg - classical texts online FREE downloads


1. Turkey City Lexicon -
A Primer for SF Workshops

2. Susan Stepney's Science Fiction essay page

3. Shakespearian Insults

4. Pete's Humor Archive

5. InsultMonger.com - as the name say..

6. The Eye of Argon

7. Terry Pratchett's L-space



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