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Thayvian Tales

Greetings, traveler.

You may count yourself extremely (and assuredly undeservedly) fortunate, for you have chanced across the single most perfect place in this contraption called the 'World Wide Web' (though of course my Web spells are infinitely more sturdy, not to mention sticky.) As I can see your mouths hanging open with a combination of awe and cow-like incomprehension, I will explain just why you are so fortunate (and hopefully I will get the point across before I wither with old age.)

You find yourself at the Shrine to Perfection, able to worship at the Altar of Sublime and Awesome Magnificence, a shrine devoted to the Center of the Multiverse. Yes, I will pause for the customary chimp-like gibberings of fear and devotion and…what do you mean who? Me! Edwin Odesseiron, the most magnificent and intimidating mage in existence, the King of Conjuration, the Emperor of Evocation, the Duke of Divin…no. Not Divination. Pah, those spells are worthless anyway, fit only for cheap parlor tricks. Now, where was I…yes. Describing myself, of course. (And if I were to give you the full version of all my wonderful traits, your sad little envious souls would likely make you green with envy. Unless of course you happen to be female…hmmm…)

It should come as no great surprise to you that quite apart from being the most skilled spellcaster ever to tread the unworthy soil of Faerun beneath my perfect feet, I am also in possession of a razor-sharp and toweringly impressive intellect, and a tongue able to slice any foe into tiny little humiliated bits. (Figuratively of course. I would not soil myself with actually touching any of them in that way. I save that for my…no, never mind. You are most likely unworthy of hearing about that anyway.) It should also be mentioned that I am the ultimate specimen of perfect manhood, with an unparalleled mortal body and the skill to use it properly, unlike certain other sad, pathetic people. Yes, many a lovely Concubine has been left gasping under the erotic onslaught of Edwin Odesseiron, Count of Carnal Intercourse! (And if you are too young or too stupid to know what that means, do not expect me to tell you.)

It is only fitting that my life should be properly chronicled, thereby allowing you all the chance to see the growth and development of a young mastermind. If you pay close attention, perhaps you will even eventually be able to evolve into the opposable-thumb stage. So journey back to Thay, to bear witness to how a young genius lives and learns, and come to know the roots from which he sprung. What do you mean who? Me of course! ME! Who else would I be talking about?

Adoration will be received 24 hours a day, along with the donations for being allowed to gaze upon my stunning form and be transfixed by my words of wisdom. Also, I would like to pass the message along that there is one thing about which my scribe is utterly, utterly, utterly wrong. I am not cute. Intimidating, yes. Cute, no. And there'll be a Fireball waiting for you in case you forget that…

Table of Contents

Early Lessons
Monkey Business Potent Potions
To Bard Or Not To Bard Wychlaran
Spirits Of Winter Solstice Love And Marriage
Before And After Opera Ghost
My Best Friend Matchmaker

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