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Tree of Life


October 12, 2009 Posted Chapter 64.

October 9, 2009. Posted new version of Chapter 56.

September 28 , 2009. Posted Chapter 63. I need beta readers. It is not easy. I fully understand how difficult it is. Please contact me if you want to do this. Just send me email or post here via Guest Board.

September 15, 2009. Started updating Chapters 55-62 before going back to the story. Posted new version of Chapter 55.

May 19, 2008. Chapter 61 is added. My thanks go to Maidros and Ymar for help with proofreading the chapter.

May 18 2008. Updated Chapter 3. I am seriously reworking the entire Part I of the BGA, since I feel it needs revision.

May 3 2008. As you have noticed I am writing the Ashes again, and three new chapters (58,59 and 60) were posted in the last 6 weeks. Today I also posted seriously revised version of Chapter 9 ( my great thanks go to Maidros and Ymar for their help). I plan to continue revise older material even as I continue to write the novel. It is my opinion that some of my earlier chapters need serious revision.

October 11, 2006. After a very long and torturous break I am returning to BGA. Chapter 57 is added. My thanks to all who helped to write and edit this chapter. I hope to return to the monthly update schedule from now on.

December 10 2005 . Chapter 56 is added. It is probably going to be modified further. My thanks go to Gwion and Maidros for most vital corrections.

November 4 , 2005. Finished the new Chapter 55 of the next part of the novel. The new part ( for now) is called Retributions. My thanks go to Gwion and Maidros for their help with plot, and spelling corrections.

September 19, 2005. Once again after a long wait the novel is updated with Chapter 54. My thanks go to Maidros and Gwion - for their invaluable help in finalizing this part. This chapter concludes the 'Royal Hunt' part of the novel. The next chapter will deal with the events of the 'present situation ' - in Darromar.

July 21, I re-read some of the earlier chapters - from 2 years back and was very seriously upset with some of them. Both grammatically and plot-wise. I am rewriting the entire Basket Case part, but started with Chapter 20 of the previous section. Wish me luck -- it looks like I will be left without beta readers soon, but the story must go on. Today Chapter 20 was updated.

Added BGA FanArt section -- Jon, Chyil and Mirraim by Feifei.

July 11, 2005. Chapter 53 is posted in semi-finalized version. Since this is the central event of the whole story it was very difficult to write. It might undergo more revisions. My thanks go to Maidros, Gwion and Kulyok.

May 30, 2005. Chapter 52 is finalized and added. Thank you Gwion, Maidros and Merja. Aplogies once again for a longer break -- I was on vacation and very, very busy.

April 26, 2005. I have just returned form vacation in Brazil -- it was fabulous! I am working on the next chapter of the Ashes now , but I fear it will be a while because of the break. Here are some images of my trip if you wish to see it: My Brazilian vacation

April 11, 2005. Chapter 51 is finalized and added. Thank you Merja, Maidros and Gwion.

April 10, 2005. Chapter 51 is written. Now I only need the input from the beat readers to correct the typos. Hopefully it will be on in the next few days. I am sorry for the delay, once again I had a major writer block... Any ideas as to how to fight these?

February 23, 2005. Chapter 50 finished and added. Chapter 49 edited -- thanks to Merja, Maidros and Gwion. ( I say having a knowledgeable DM in the team of editors and reviewers is a great experience!)

January 25, 2005. Chapter 49 finished and added. Chapter 48 edited -- thanks to Merja, Maidros and Gwion.

The whole site was down for a few days -- it happened due to the traffic overload. I guess all of my BG modules are still rather popular. Hopefully, the overload will not happen again as I upgraded the account with Doteasy. I have to say that it was a harrowing experience and the expences on supporting the onlinefiction.net site are growing. This is the first time I am thinking about asking for donations. Only thinking and only because I would want to avoid this situation in the future. Please email me with your thoughts if you feel like it.

January 4, 2005. Chapter 48 finished and added.

December 7, 2004. Chapter 47 is finished and added. I feel better today -- I am over (hopefully) the major writer's block.

November 15, 2004. Sorry for being late with updates... I am having a bit of a problem with writing the next part. In the mean time I was looking for an inspiration and ran into a most amazing artist and Tolkien illustrator ever. I have to say that even though Stephanie Law remains one of my major favorites, Maria Lombide Ezpeleta is my new Number One for elves' paintings... It is simply stunning how much her elves resemble my inner vision of them -- they are beautiful and utterly erotic, yet feral, intemperant, and completely non-human... in fact as alien and dangerous as they can be, without being turned into twisted caricatures. I never post links to other sites a s a rule -- yet in this case I went as far as making a banner for her page at Elfwood. I doubt she will be as kind as Stephanie and will allow use her paintings even on a non-commercial website... yet I have to post this banner at least.

October 21, 2004. Chapter 43 have been revised, and the conversation between Mirriam and Rielev was slightly modified. My thanks to Bjorn, Domi, Maidros and Merja.

October 20, 2004. Chapter 45 have been revised, with the final conversation between Ellesime, Demin and Bodhi rewritten completely. Thank you Maidros and Merja!

October 15, 2004. Finished, reviewed and added Chapter 46. Need to revise both 44 and 45. My thanks go to Merja, Maidros and Gwion for their invaluable help in finalizing this chapter.

September 23 2004. Finished Chapter 45. Strangely enough despite the recent release of the Longer Road I cannot get back to bi-weekly updates schedule. Will try to get there with time -- I missed writing BGA dearly.

August 28 2004. Chapter 44 is added. My apologies for the longest interval so far. The Longer Road SoA-ToB mod required all my attention for quite some time. Now the mod is released and I hope that BGA updates will be more regular.

July 18, 2004. Chapter 43 is added - many thanks to Merja for beta reading and input! The chapter will still have some minor corrections, but nothing major. This chapter also opens the new part of the novel -- The Royal Hunt. The events of this section will be based on the official FR lore, namely on the sourcebook named The Lands of Intrigue -- but with my interpretation of course.

July 15, 2004. Apologies for the lack of updates for more then a month. I was very busy trying to push ahead with the LR/R mod that will be another prequel to the novel. Please visit the FWS forum of the LR/Redemption mod to check on our progress. In the mean time -- I am 2/3 done with Chapter 43. Hopefully will update soon.

June 9, 2004, Chapter 42 is finished and added, and I want to thank Merja, Maidros and Bjorn for helping me to make it happen. It is the longest chapter yet of the entire BGA -- near 8K words, but I needed it long since it wraps up the entire Part 3, 'The Carnival'. I am not sure about the name for the next big part yet, but I am sure it will happen to me when I finish the next chapter. Thank you all for reading! I has been a bumpy road but we are getting closer to the central part of the novel, so stay tuned and enjoy your read.

May 31- June 1, Chapters 40 and 41 are updated again - thanks to Bjorn and Merja. Mostly spelling and grammar.

May 18, 2004 Chapter 41 is added - thank you Bjorn, the last 2 revisions were extremely helpful.

May 14, 2004 Chapter 41 is written, I think I managed to break my own record. But it needs corrections. By the way, if somebody wishes to offer themselves as a beta reader - please email me. Chapter 39 is updated - thank you Bjorn, Merja and Maidros.

May 7, 2004 Chapter 40 is posted. Warning - it may be considered disturbing by some. I would not rate it 'R', but it contains rape and violence.

April 23, Sorry! Was busy with Longer Road again. Hopefully the mod will be all written soon and the Ashes will be coming in more regular intervals. Chapter 38 still needs another revision. Chapter 39 has a serious twist of plot, but please be aware that all will be explained soon enough.

April 3, 2004. Both Chapters 37 and 38 were revised - mostly grammar, but I added a few tidbits to Ch 37. Chapter 38 will be revised again later, not content - just finecombing. But on the side note - everything is not what it seems.

March 27. Chapter 38 is added as promised. I will need to edit it later on, spell cheking is heavily needed. I will update Chapter 37 with all pointed errors within a day, (hopefully).

March 16 Chapter 36 was seriously edited - mostly grammar and spelling, but I also added nice image and I challenge an acute reader to find entirely new paragraph. :) My thanks go to Maidros, Bjorn, Merja and Laufey.

March 15. Chapter 37 is added - and I have to apologize both for being late and for not correcting the Chapter 36 in time. The Longer Road consumed most of my time for the past few weeks... But I intend to catch up on the novel now! Sorry folks.

February 22, 2004. Chapter 35 was corrected and edited. Thanks Maidros, Merja and Bjorn! If you want to see why I was late with chapter 36, look no further ---------> I have got a kitten.

February 22, 2004. Chapter 36 is added. Needs corrections! Chapter 35 will be updated shortly. Sorry for the delay. This last chapter was somewhat of a challenge.

January 31, 2004 Chapter 35 is added. Needs proff-reading. Chapter 34 is finalized, thanks Bjorn and Merja! It looks like I am back to my 2 week cycle. For how long though?

January 24, 2004 Chapter 34 was updated. I will probably do another spellcheck-update later. Thanks Maidros!

January 19, 2004 Chapter 34 is added. It needs proof-reading as usual. Hopefully, I will be able to go back to my bi-weekly update schedule soon.

January 12, 2004 Updated Chapter 33 - finally! I have to apologize for the delays. First I was on vacation, then the work on the Longer Road mod sort of consumed all my time (If you are interested to see more info about the mod - check here Redemption - the Longer Road Forum ). Chapter 34 of Bitter Grey Ashes is coming. But first I want to thank everybody who has contributed to the corrections of Chapter 33 - it was quite a task!

December 24, 2003 Chapter 33 is added. It still needs proof-reading.

December 12, 2003 Chapter 32 is edited. Thanks to Merja, Maidros, Bjorn and Laufey!

December 6, 2003 Added Chapter 32. It may still need corrections, but I feel it had been long enough without an update. I am curerenly revising Chapter 5 .

November 30, 2003 Chapter 31 is edited again. Thanks Bjorn! I have about 2/3 of the Chapter 32 written but it needs corrections.

November 18, 2003 Chapter 31 is posted and corrected. Added explanation of some rare terms. Thanks Maidros, Merja and Arcalian!

November 17, 2003 Chapter 31 of Part Three is written, now I am awaiting input from the beta-readers and doing last moment spell-checks. By the way - if you want to offer yourself as a beta reader pleas email me! The Part Three is going to be called 'The Carnival'.

November 9, 2003 Chapters 4 was revised. Thanks Yazston and Merja! Also I added another illustration from Stephanie Pui-Mun Law to Chapter 3 - I think it is a very good representation of my inner vision of the twins.

November 8, 2003 Chapters 1 and 3 revised (yes - 1 was revised again) Thanks Merja. As for the next part - I am working on it, but since it is the beginning of the new major Part of the story it required a lot of research and some thinking over. It maybe a bit slower at first, but I will pick up the pace later on.

October 27, 2003 Added Chapter 30 - this is also the end of Part Two - The Basket Case.

October 22, 2003.The next chapter is going rather slow, but I updated Chapter 2 and slightly changed the mood of the final conversation, as well as clarified some of the emotional swings. Thanks Merja!

October 14, 2003. I updated Chapter 1, adding a new piece related to the story behind the whole manuscript, also the entire chapter was rewritten, spell-checked, and many things were changed. I intend to do this with every one of the first ten or so chapters, as they were written somewhat hastily in a writing spree, and I think the story will benefit from these updates.

October 11, 2003. Chapter 29 is added, and Chapter 28 yet again received some minor modification - mostly grammar and style.

September 27, 2003 - as Arcalian had pointed out in half of the Chapter 28 Adalon's speech was not italicized. It is now fixed. Sorry for the mishap. By the way - if you read the novel and see an obvious typo or an error I would greatly appreciate an email with a tip!

September 26, 2003 - added Chapter 28. And I can only tell that it was one of the hardest I ever wrote.

September 21, 2003 - as I worked on Chapter 28, I realised that the ending of Chapter 27 needed minor revisions - thanks to my beta-reader. Which was implemented today.

September 11, 2003 - added Chapter 27. Hopefully the next Chapter will be done soon.

August 30, 2003 - added Chapter 26 and did major redesign of the Front Page. The novel Chapters now have names, and navigation should be easier with the new table. Since I was on vacation twice during July-August of 2003, my writing progress has been slow. I hope I will be back to writing a chapter per 1-2 weeks now.

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